Monday, September 23, 2019

Our brains search for evidence that confirm and support our trusted beliefs.

In the past, scientists thought information simply flowed in the brain and it searched through it to see what was going on outside the skull and then filed things like beliefs in some kind of folders. They viewed the brain as a giant filing cabinet. New science-based discoveries are rewriting the book on belief systems. Read complete article at –

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Are Your Models of Humanness and Power Based on Bad Info?

We posted a new story from our journey to the website today – New Models of Humanness and Power. Two of the best kept secrets from the public are -- The New Model of Humanness & Humans Only Have 2 Power Options. Billions of people are imprisoned in realities about themselves and power that are based on “bad info.” Get the facts at –

Friday, July 19, 2019

Yahweh or the Trinity

In my previous article “Our God Beliefscapes” I introduced the beliefscapes for God that Jeffrey and I had when we began our journey almost 30 years ago. Beliefscapes bring transparency to discussions about things most people try to avoid, especially with strangers, and they create a new way to transform those conversations into educational opportunities. Since we just created the concepts behind beliefscapes and belief models, we didn’t have them when we first met. So, things that take us a few minutes to discover and address today, sometimes took years “back in the day”. Read the complete article at –

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Our God Beliefscapes

For almost 30 years now, Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor and I (Jim Myers) have been friends working together to better understand the origins of our religions – Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity. The beliefscapes below demonstrate how they bring transparency into discussions; in this case it is a subject lots of people try to avoid at all costs – God!

Will You Support Transparency in Religious and Secular Belief Systems?

A lot of people say they support “transparency in belief systems,” until it comes to their beliefs. So, we wanted to give you a heads-up about what’s coming.

● The Biblical Heritage Center will be using Beliefscapes that bring transparency to Religious Belief Systems, specifically Christian and Jewish Religious Belief Systems.

● The TOV Center will be using Beliefscapes that bring transparency to Secular Belief Systems (Political and Economic).

When it comes to differences between Religious and Secular Belief Systems, the basic differences are the agendas of the institutions that create the Institutional Beliefs they promote. One promotes gods, afterlife, etc., while the other promotes money, rights, etc. Beliefscapes will bring transparency to all of them.

So, will you support transparency in Religious and Secular Belief Systems? For more information about Beliefscapes go to --

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Spending Eternity Embedded in a Solid Dome

There are lots of stories we could tell about things that happened on our almost three decade’s long journey together (Jeffrey Leynor and Jim Myers). In my religion, Christianity, we spend a lot of time talking about “going to heaven” after we die and spending eternity there. In Jeffrey’s religion, Judaism, people talk about “the world to come,” but not with any details.  Read the complete story at --

It’s All About The Memes

Using Meme-Structure Models is a very important skill to learn for two reasons – they give you a way to visual things that only exist in the neural networks of human brains and they give people a unique way to discuss them. And, since all beliefs are memes, it gives us new options for discussing one of the most polarizing subjects in our culture. Read the complete blog at –