Friday, August 17, 2018

Two Standards to Live By

One of the amazing benefits of combining ancient wisdom and scientific facts in our research is that we discover things from them that are related and overlap. One example is the TOV Standard from ancient wisdom and Baby Morals from science (you won’t find a society where people don’t have some notion of Baby Morals). In this case ancient wisdom and science overlap to reveal two standards that could produce many benefits for individual lives and life in our society. Read the complete blog at --

Thursday, August 16, 2018

What am I?

What am I? Now that’s a question a lot of people have asked in the history of humans. We (Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor and former pastor Jim Myers) created two models for working with that question – after wrestling with it for over 25 years. You may have noticed that use models instead of answers. Most questions about life are better understood by using models that reveal potentialities than statements of either/or answers.

Our models emerged from two sources in which our research and studies focused on during our journey together – one source is an ancient wisdom account embedded in our shared religious texts and the other source is modern science. This makes our approach at the TOV Center unique in many respects – we combine the wisdom of ancient texts with the facts of modern science to maximize human experiences.

As pointed out above, we created a model from each source to help us better understand humans:

(1) Ancient Wisdom ModelHumans are creatures that share things in common with animals and the Creator.

Humans have many of the same appetites, desires and longings as animals. Humans have the potential of behaving like animals that live in herds (cattle, sheep, etc.) or like deadly wild predators.

Each person has the presence of the Creator with him or her. Humans have the potential of behaving like the Creator and creating by changing things that exist by doing acts that protect and preserve lives, make lives more functional and/or increase the quality life.

Humans must be taught how to control their animal impulses by developing their abilities to reflect the Creator’s image through their actions.

(2) Modern Science ModelHumans are genetic memetic social creatures.

Genes make humans what they are as biological creatures.

Memes create the reality models through individuals view their worlds and give meanings to what they perceive.

Social means that humans are completely dependent on other humans for their existence and survival – from conception to death other humans are involved.

We use both models in understand human actions – completed and potential.

● The Ancient Wisdom Model makes us aware that people have the potential of doing amazing things for others like the Creator, as well as deadly destructive acts like predatory wild animals to people. We use familiar stories from Jewish and Christian Scriptures to teach the values, principles and standards of this ancient wisdom – without the conflicting theologies of the religions.

● The Modern Science Model makes us aware of the roles that genes, memes and social structures play in the decisions human make before they act.

And of course, whatever our understanding of “what I am” is, it also provides us with the models for another very important question – What are you?

Would you like to learn more about the TOV Center models and how to use them? Let us know by “Likingour Lives 1st Facebook Page. Also visit the TOV Center website and you will find more options for staying up to date on our blogs and being aware of upcoming local and online events.

Would you like to participate in a local group in the DFW Metroplex area that will be led by Jeffrey Leynor and Jim Myers? We are looking for people to host monthly or semi-monthly meetings and people to participate in them. For more information call or email Rabbi Leynor (972-816-7281 / or email Jim Myers ( These will be open safe environment for learning and interacting. The number of participants is limited, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Leynor and Myers on Living Life as a Human

We, Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor and former pastor Jim Myers, have learned a lot about living life over the past thirty-years as congregation leaders in a synagogue and church, chaplains of law enforcement agencies, teachers and counselors. We have experienced the happiest moments in life – marriages, births, victories, successes -- and the saddest and most feared moments – deaths, divorces, tragedies, failures. Read the complete blog at --

Monday, August 13, 2018

How to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven

For most Christians, one of the most important words in their religious vocabulary is “saved.” Their mission is to save as many people as possible. Why? They have been taught that only those who are “saved” will spend eternity in Heaven with God. That was not the focus of Yeshua’s message. His goal was to bring as many people as possible into the Kingdom of Heaven -- while they are alive. He taught that it will only be those that live in the Kingdom of Heaven before death that will ultimately enter eternal life later. We will be learning much more about that in this series of discussions that we call “Yeshua’s Kingdom of Heaven Handbook.” We will reconstructing the teachings of Yeshua so we can understand them more accurately by incorporating new information that we discover as we learn about his language, culture and the time period in which he taught his followers. Read the complete discussion at --