Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Some Things I Learned Trying to be Happier

Remember my story about the supermarket grocery bagger who loudly proclaimed, “I am too blessed to be stressed!” If that is his authentic state of being, effervescent happiness, that’s great for him. My response, “I’m Jewish, I’m blessed and I’m stressed!” Well, that has a lot to do with my point. My “authentic state” of sarcasm, anger and passion mixed with sometimes unfiltered honesty is hard to take for some, but not others. People also constantly give me feedback that points to a deep caring, kindness and real love (acceptance of someone as they are, and the concrete acts that show that) and my presence and support.

“Self-acceptance” is not an easy thing to do, but it is vital to learning to be happier. If I can learn to be more accepting of myself -- even with all of the things for which I am not proud and all those things which need perfecting -- then I can extend that to others and that in turn gives me some peace, some comfort and some healing, and THAT in turn helps me to be happier!

I formally commune with my Higher Power twice a day, but throughout the day as well for anything good that happens, even if it appears to be something which I perceive not to be good. I’ve mentioned before that among the 100 blessings a Jew is supposed to say each day, just to remind us of every little blessing, one is a blessing we say when we hear good news and one we say when we hear bad news, because, frankly, we don’t know the difference. One can start out as one thing and become another. I personally don’t worry about those things because like my father, of blessed memory, I have what I call BEETACHONE, the Hebrew word for “Complete Trust in my Higher Power”, not to grant my wishes or my desires, but that lets me know I am not alone and that gives me strength. This is not something new, it has been there my entire life and oddly enough, many people sense this in me! This allows me to do my work with others as I walk with them through their pain, loss and darkness.

The more I focused upon those things which bring me light -- my children and family, my fur baby Dottie, a few very good friends, my work, Teaching about TOV and my music -- I’ve learned to be happier. It’s actually amazing what being THANKFUL, GRATEFUL AND APPRECIATIVE can do for a person, even me!

Looking forward to a year of Life, Light, Health and Being Happier still, for us all.
Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor

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