Saturday, May 5, 2018

Feds crack down on e-liquid packaging that looks like candy, juice boxes

Federal regulators warned more than a dozen manufacturers, distributors and retailers Tuesday that they are endangering children by marketing e-cigarette liquids to resemble kid-friendly products such as juice boxes, candy and whipped cream.

Acting FTC chairman Maureen K. Ohlhausen warned, “Nicotine is highly toxic, and these letters make clear that marketing methods that put kids at risk of nicotine poisoning are unacceptable.”

FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, in a telephone briefing with reporters, said . . . “they are deliberately being packaged and marketed in a way that is designed to not only be appealing to kids” but also to confuse them by mimicking items they frequently consume.

(What makes people do things like this? Is it just money, or something else? Trying to addict people to products isn’t anything new, but when the targets are kids that’s even worse!)

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