Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Upgrading to a 21st Century Lives 1st Reality

We are experiencing a society unlike any generation has ever experienced before. It is the product of an evolved democratic society, groundbreaking scientific discoveries and powerful new computer driven technologies that are placing new power options in the hands of the masses – and delivering relentless attacks of weaponized memes against them.

Old Realities institutions are incapable of, not only protecting Americans, but also of making sense of life in America today. Only a New Reality model can protect us from these new dangers and equip us to take advantage of the new opportunities we have to make our lives much safer, better and happier.

● The first step for equipping ourselves to survive and thrive in this new world is by becoming aware of the 21st century scientific model of what humans are -- Humans are creatures that are genetically structured, memes driven and socially dependent for survival.

The next step is to become aware of the roles genes, memes and social structures play in your life and the lives of everyone else in America today.

Old Realities are not working in the social media driven Realities that exist today. They will only intensify the epidemic of conflicts that are sweeping across America and destroying relationships between family members, friends, neighbors, citizens and strangers – and the violence associated with them.

The 21st century scientific model of what we are as humans provides us with an opportunity to break through Old Reality barriers that no generation has ever had before. Think of what it would mean to move past the political, economic and religious conflicts that have taken over our lives!

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